Hard to think of a better way to make money than to win a lottery. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how to do that - if I could, I would be out enjoying my yachts rather than running websites. However, the only sure way to NOT win is to NOT enter. With the popularity of the web, it is easier than ever to enter for millions upon millions of dollars of prizes, that you can enter from the comfort of your home (or desk at work).


Bookmark this single page and go and play all (or as many as you have time for) lotteries listed here. These links will take you to the play areas after you have signed up.

Multi - Purpose

JACKPOT.com - This is my latest favorite, as they have the BIG lotteries from around the world. The payouts are guaranteed, and you don't have to go anywhere to purchase your chances.  If you only have time to log into one lottery site MAKE THIS ONE IT!!


Free Money Lotto - Play daily for a weekly shot at (up to) one million dollars

Freelotto - One entry per day in each of 6 lotteries - Win over $11,000!

Jackpot - Win a million bucks, or numerous other prizes.

Silver Vegas - Quite simply the best online casino I have ever seen. This is the real deal, and so are the payouts.

Lotteryshop - Buy lottery tickets from around the world

Sweepstakes / Contests

Win a Million Dollars - One guess here!! Real easy entry, name and email and you're in!

My Sweepstakes - Enter once a week for a prize like a car

Publisher's Clearing House - Does it really need an introduction?

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*NOTE - Prize amounts, descriptions, frequencies, links, and everything else described on this page are subject to change by the individual site administrators and are therefore not guaranteed accurate. I will make every effort to keep these descriptions current and up to date.